and then...limp

It wasn't like that, he said, I was very tired and help-less. As in without help. I was limp the whole time.

Limp, really?


--close character interview--

I have to say first that I have been getting an astonishing amount of positive feedback between my contact form and my youtube channel of late. Seems like yall loved my little film. Thank you so much for contacting me; I'll need a secretary any day now with all the emails I've been getting. 

I promise I read them all and I promise I will get back to a lot of you SOON. I am in one of those finals-weeks and I'm moving AGAIN. =.=

Being young. pah. You can't say anything moral without having everyone argue with you and there's no steady income and you've got to move all the time. I think being young is a little overrated. 

Anyway I've got allergies again and a virus again so I have to crash. Now. The last two years have been disastrous but things will turn on their head soon and you'll be hearing a lot more from me! Thanks again for all the incredible support. It still fascinates me that I can inspire people I've never met. 

Writing prompt: boy thinks that scorpions attack him every night. Go.