and then...out

You'd cry if you saw him. You'd be sad-heavy. I think he was trying to say "I want out," but it's hard to know when his voice is so dry. He's so tired. I love him though.

I'm tired, too, especially with the allergy meds or allergies or both, and having to sit through films to study film. I can't just SIT for that long, you must be crazy. I love my beta muse, anyway. 

I have no groceries. I'm drowsy. I'm behind in every class with a week to go.

48 hours in a motel. wanna see a show called Bates Motel. Heard what it's like to get shot but forgot what it's like to be heard and what it's like to speak. (lovelovealan)

I'll be damned if I'll find myself enrolled in a public school of any kind ever again. It cost me a muse before, but everyone forgets him. As is current. Thanks for the fries.