What is metafiction?

how I found my calling

I'm a writer and filmmaker with a lifelong fascination for metafiction. I'm here to help you understand your metaphysical relationship with your creativity by teaching you how to write better fiction. 

My double major is in Creative Writing/Filmmaking, and in the last several years I've authored (and sometimes produced) several original metafictive stories, including Fearsome Pole, Real Boy: an Allegory, and "Say You're Sorry." I was a producer on the Emmy-nominated documentary Beyond Belief.  My short film Five Apples Today later led to Delta Phi. 

My favorite moments in life include opening a new pen and dragging the skinny blue playhead in Premiere Pro. I aspire to write metafiction full time for film, cable, books and VR. So if you're looking for a new screenplay, or even just a coverage or consultation for your own scripts, then I look forward to hearing from you.

my first film

My Journey into Filmmaking

photo by Hannah Novinger

photo by Hannah Novinger