and then...wet

summer is wet. I just moved again. 

And m*leskine, I've just about had it with you and your silly new copyright laws. I don't have time to get expressed permission every time I want to make a vlog. Sorry for promoting your product!

ANYWAY, searching for a m*leskine alternative is an uphill battle and an oxymoron; despite my frusteration with the new copyright laws and the use of carcinogens in the covers and the switch of manufacturing to China and blahblahblah, there's an organic-tactility and understated effect of m*leskine notebooks that I don't expect will ever be matched. No matter how many attempts a product makes, with all the rounded corners-ribbon bookmark-elastic bland enclosure-back pocket yadayada, it's just not the same.

So, I decided, the ideal m*leskine alternative will not really be an alternative, but something which stands on its own and is still versatile enough to be considered a baseline notebook for all of my journaling needs. I found that this was met by the line of ecosystem notebooks:

I have scoffed at their marketing approach in the past; I am no environmentalist, and generally not fond of the earthy, archaic look of most recycled journals, but these ecosystem animals look and act like toys. They're completely recycled and made in the USA, and priced well at that. All pages are preforated, which typically makes me cringe because I'm so archival, but these preforations only act when you need them. I'm still on my first model, a lined hardcover because no one makes a true soft cover like m*leskine, but so far I truly love it. So go out and pick up one of these eco-friendly beauties. 

Anyway I just moved and my lungs are still recovering from dust so I'll go now. You'll hear from me soon!