and then...motel

Been watching BATES MOTEL. It's a precious thing. I love mother-son relationships, I find them infinitely fascinating. Too much music in that show, and it's too overstated, like.

I also got to watch 127 hours. James Mr. Franco, I blow you a kiss. The more male stories to watch, the better. Anyway it was a grand film, very relatable, at least to me. 

and I FINALLY FOUND Coppola's TV series for The Outsiders, watching that is fun. And I'm reading again, too. Just a good mental refilling period, you know. It's a great thing for you when there are a lot of new projects on the horizon. Refilling the well, like. 

And the writing exercises. I've gone off doing those, trying to fix our mental scars. Beta muse cries through the night and through another night. "Oh it's so awful, owowouch," he says, and I say like "what's so awful Alan?" and he holds his own head and says "it is!" So there, I've started an equine healing program. Inspiration is a warm arm slung across the bed. 

Once I start planning my Loft manifesto, the piece about my psychological construct, my blog entries will have updates and explanations. Stay tuned for that, it is the raw side of the writing process.

Listen to The Presets and draw lines. Transform vintage-edge to angles-contemporary.

I start my copy-writing career this summer. Here is a great link for you creative professionals out there: