and then...production

is a thing. a noun-thing.

I spent the last three days taking footage for a short film. I've never made a short film but there's a first time for everything. So I did that and I've got to edit it, and schedule a ten hour write in this week, and I'm still full-time studenting and the like. 

Anyway I've relearned sleep again to accomodate my work needs these days. I take frequent naps and sleep very little at night. You do it often enough and you can train your body to sleep and wake exactly when you intend. I used to be perfect at it; still retraining. I take roughly three to five hours of solid sleep at night, and three to six 20 minute naps during the day. I won't need an alarm soon. It keeps me far more active; I haven't needed caffeine in days. 

People expect change by arbitrary means. A new year doesn't mean a new anything on its own. If you want your life to change radically you must be radical. But no, everyone's too afraid and whining about what they're going to lose. If you're yourself and doing what you love you can't possibly lose anything. You just get more space for more things and more people what are better for you. 

Saw The Machinist. It ought to be a graphic novel. Very vintage creepy. I was initially disappointed because it thwarted my expectations, but I have since come to realize that the purpose of the film is to convey a state of mind and it does that flawlessly, I think. I have to see it again. But it got me emoting something fierce and there wasn't a one who would cuddle me. Living where I live is strange. Living is strange. Death is stranger. 

The script from my short film is adapted from my blog posts over the last several months. I will post it here when I've finished the editing and production etc.