and then...moon

I watched Goodbye, Lenin! and cried hard. Like where are those heroes hiding?

No surprise that such an Alan-looking-actor is Spanish born :D I slipped alone into a farm today, just I and animals, and while the sun set colorful the moon rose enormous and they faced each other exact for a moment. 

Where are you? Can you hear me? Do you know me? Are you a memory?

Can't wait to leave the school where I'm stuck. Wrote a three page paper in half an hour, I'm always finishing things the moment before and they don't know the difference. Finally bothered my landlord enough today to get that screen in my window, already. It's only been all year. and it doesn't fit but there you go. And things besides it must be just in time for spring

is running water is running water? I'm exhausted clear. I need a non focus digital camera. everything should be in focus all the time. 

Started a new art journal for a consolidated healing plan but I've barely got time to touch it. Touching is good, though. Ideas generate with tactility.

I watch characters like Alex Kerner (mygodhowmanyalexsareinmypersonallonginglexicon) and there's a kind of soaring you can't imagine. And with the farther and longer I have Cope Syndrome the more in control this soaring is; like yes that's him, I know him, I have him, I am him. So it's only a matter of time now before one of them happens to me. He gets closer all the time, sleeves wristing.