what I haven't been to in so very, very long. So when a friend tells me she's got a birthday dinner I spend hours getting ready; hair makeup nails new dress the whole bit. And what a lovely time was had. 


Warning now. a warning now. This is my calm before the storm. APRIL.

Raise your hand if you don't think that April is the busiest month of the year. Anyone?

Eight papers due and a new portfolio to put together and eight transcripts and a handful of recommendation letters, some to request and some to write, two jobs to pick up and a part of the novel to finish and a healing plan to start and thank God that April is a spring month. It's a frantic nonstop with remembering breath. 

I'm working on a very short short film about being a novelist, making a script for a third party, and then I've got like a video I want to do about journaling practices for the male gender. Also I've yet to take a formal scriptwriting course, oh the gaps the gaps the gaps free associated test tomorrow gaps glaps claps tapping black shining shoes against angle and angle and angled until someone touched him and he exhaled,

thanks for reading