and then...tardy

I know I'm tardy, very time tardy. Yesterday I couldn't get to my web server in time. I was out all day talking to university people so that I can maybe go to a new one. 

I'm going to make a lot of art soon. And a new cover letter, and I ought to add credits to this website. 

I will take black and white photographs. Organize conceptualize actualize and execute. Don't forget to look for Dylan Redwine. 

I don't know like what to blog about. I mean I used to have a life. And then I went to college. There goes job career friends writing projects. 

For this time around I'll recommend Julia Cameron, as she is articulate in the extreme about the nuts and bolts of inspiration. Other than that I haven't got what to say. It's been a stressful time. And April's coming up, always the busiest month of the year.