and then...linear push

I'm sorry this is two days late, it has never been two days late. It is two days late because of applications and portfolios and four papers due and two tests and incidentals. But I'm making a short film what will be on my my channel soon. I develop a statement of purpose. 

I am complete lack of inspiration these days, because I spent a few catching up for the school, which will not really exist this weekend, it's going to be all making things, so I say in the and work more. And dear muse who has been not so supportive: first of all, calm down, and secondly, you're fine. I need to record things. grab a mic or take a hike. :D heh. rhymes. 

my friend last night made a fun of my stress. she said "i can't take it no more i got canker sores..." She's a real poet. Meanwhile I'm setting around wondering why it is that I've never learned a language per week and once I'm outta school I oughtta start. 

I have to go. Busiest week since prep school~