and then...armory

an armory, the armory, just armory. He said we live in a little white house across from the armory. There's a broken couch out front. i type with seven fingers cuz i jammed the hand on the window. 

This week's episode of MuggleNet Academia features the continuity editor for Harry Potter. Should be an interesting podcast :)

So I moved. Moved to a house on a cobblestone road. So far we're getting along with the other tenants fine, they don't mind Alan much as he's fictional. There's a nice quiet in the country, but Alan certainly likes it a sight more than I do. He likes the simplicity of the country because he's a very complicated person. 

We got shelves. and chair. and bed, yeah. mhm. songs. Alan's living his dream, and that makes me so very happy. I'm nearly living my dream; I could use an AC unit and a husband, but other than that, yeah. My ottoman is a giant die. It doesn't get much better than this. I didn't think it got this good to begin with, comma meaning I can't end the sentence with a preposition. Drives me nuts. 

could not have pulled the move together without my bff. she did all the legwork. i drove and was headachy and exhausted, and she made the whole thing amazing instead of stressful. 

I dream lately of dark waters and smiling men, calm in their love for me....And then I wake up, hot in a hot room. Could use that AC unit. 

but doing great, yeah? and boundaries are not walls. and I have acting and film classes today and I ought to go, I'm busy incredible, but thanks for reading, folks! eheh. Nothing insightful today obvious. confetti. 
Alan's just joy.