and then...spaces

The things are too many. I have too many things.

I know it's Sunday not Monday but I'll be even busier tomorrow so you get an early post. Happy Sunday :)

I got rid of half of what I owned not three months ago, and there's still too much! 

I'm packing to move and realizing how ridiculous I am. I don't need this many clothes. I should make all my books digital. I don't need so many pillows. or blankets. or soaps, jeez! 

Life is nearly never simple enough and life is too short. I don't have much, really. a little bit of jewelery, some good shoes, too many clothes because nothing fits quite right. But Alan and I are in joy, as he's a simple kind of boy. He wants to make songs. I like to make stories, myself. We're really excited about maybe gettin to do those things each day. As Bob Ross said, every day's a good day when you paint!

So, engagement is my new thing. I no longer have male friends; I only have male suitors. Which is to say, zero. I have Zero. 

It's not that I'm not mature enough to befriend males and what have you, but they aren't mature enough. And no boy's gunna marry me when he can just be my friend, gosh, they're usually too lazy for that. 

Today is Eid and the like. I get to wear pretty. I got a big book in the mail today, male today. It's all about film. So, how to fit, everything in the car, fitting in the car, fit him for the in the car, my boy made cargo, oh oh, that's kidnapping, so....

He said no it's happy tape it only stick to itself, my cowlicks will be lick licking finely made, I just keep my mouth under tape. Drums speak. And that's why, spaces. I have to pack :(