and then...binary

Binary, as in repeated, done and then done more than one time. Anyone know about the binary system and the miracles thereof? You experience it. 

So there, efficiency. I know when you break a computer, there are no little clay ones and zeroes that come jumping out. But I like to think that that would happen...

The point is that BINARY makes for DICHOTOMY, the black and white which provides for gray. I'm quite obsessed with black and white. Brilliance in consolidation, everything is either one way or another. I'm precise, so. People are obsessed with the gray, ambivalence in max. How can anyone understand or appreciate a gray without that intimimate dance of black and white. When I film I shall film things in black and white. Maybe I've said that in many times. Because slow motion makes black and white, too. Drama in fact and in practice >.<

Thinking on binary because this is the last blogpost that I'll be making on my black Macbook! I want to sell it while it's still healthy. I just got back from the Apple store with my new MacBook Pro! I'm excited excess. There's a funny and enlightening documentary about numbers on Netflix. It's called The Story of 1. I know that I can't do numbers at all, but they're a miracle in their own right. 

Oh, and sticky rice. Boiled peanuts, banana leaves, whisper foods until he sleeps tingly. Atta boy.