and then...vacant

Ending our suffering is more important than figuring out the reason of the suffering but gosh, aren't we obsessed with that? Trying to understand why someone hurts us, or someone else. 

Goodness lies in transformation, evil lies in mimickry. And anyway, there's a new Chipotle near my house; my life just got ten times better. Kish-Mish, my feline, is still growing. He's got a monstrous frame. Yesterday I spent $25 on a box for him to poop in. 

I have twenty days to finish the magnum opus. I am almost halfway finished. We'll see about how it goes. You can expect these posts to get shorter for awhile. I'd like to give the time to sleep and meals. Which means I'm needed to go now. 

Also, interior decorating. I'm obsessed. I hope I get to build-a-home. And thank you for reading my words!