and then...pi

circlecircles cyclical! Numbers DO make shapes. Conch shells so have a golden ratio. I am so conch shell, and I want one. And I want to give it to a boyfriend and tell him to turn it blue and hold it at the level of his ear, hear hear! hoo-ray. Blue conch shells and men's ratios. 

So I saw LIFE OF PI and I'm sad I haven't read it yet but I WILL and anyway, it was pretty! So pretty, and it's the first person place or thing what hasn't disappointed me for a longlong time; oh noez! I've done it! Now everybody knows that I get disappointed and that I have standards! OH NO NO ONE WILL EVER WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ME

absolutely nothing has changed. I did errandserrandserrands and now I have to get back to the novel I don't even have time to journal and I'm quite behind with the what'sitcalled school stuff.