and then...stoic

What's it mean? I mean one minute a person is unaffected, free of empathy of guilt, or "free" of it, and next minute they are sensitive like prey animals. 

I don't know, I don't know. I've a lot of things, a new cousin for one. And I finished another writing project, I've just got to finish typing the darn thing. But I love love love it! 

I watched a lot of animals this past weekend, and my housemates came back with a thing for me! A REAL PAIR OF ANTLERS. 

I just. I died of joy. Antlers. I mean, antlers! They're on my floating bookshelf now, in my lovely little office and I should post pictures of it. When I get night pictures, pictograms in the night make me think dreams, and once upon a time there was a girl who signed on to therapy for abandonment issues and her therapist cancelled the first appointment. Hah!

All the things of dehumization, this week. The things I see in animated films. The weight of vapor masks and bits gags pulling lips back from his teeth, like. Gosh I love to write storybooks!

I'm reading about math in the hope that I might understand it or something bizarre. Anyway, math is really great in principle. I mean, in principle. Miraculous in practice. And hell in academics. But then, what isn't? 

I get to travel with Alan again soon. I will also be travelling with Fish. We are going to bring his habitat named aquarium. It's only for nine days but I like having him in the room. Also I get to clean his tank today : / 

And I have to type things and outline things and journal and go shopping and wash my lovely hair. So then, good luck to all! Save money on therapy and get art journaling!