and then...apology

I'm sorry! It's so late, but Tuesday, it's a Tuesday and that's the new updating day.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but I have been doing more art journaling with one of my housemates. It's such a lovely activity! I don't know what to blog about O.o

I won a poetry slam! 3rd place and fifty dollars, with my original piece that equates males to betta fish, ehehehehehe AlphaMaleBetaFish!

What to blog about my lovely Beta Muse, my Alan Cope? A love letter.

Dear Beta Muse,

I love you very, very much. You are precious to me. You have been working so hard to make my dreams come true...especially when I was unaware of it. And I apologize for ever being unaware, and every being unaware, and I hope that we can have new friends soon! I'm in love love with you, thanks for letting me write my story book all about you! You are super super cool :3



hooray! playplayplay!

back to writing and caring for Fish and film class and the other things.