and then...release

without catharsis. 

I have a new journal without a name and I ran out of black pens so now I write with blue.  This entry was meant for this morning but I was trying to catch up on studying film for my film class. What Beta Muse and I get to watch Citizen Kane in 30 minutes. What we have to, what time I have to stop writing this entry. 

I'm out of love. Not what ran out of it, but it's in my pocket. And thinking so much about foxes, lately! Foxes and antlers; I read that fettishes are defenses against a tragic loss. Well, Antlers. Well, vulpine. What, I lost both boys. And now I'm obsessed with Antlers and Foxes. 

But I've loved those things for so long! Drinking tea from a travel mug is a new affair. you've got less of a way of knowing the temperature, and can't suck on air sipping so, it's not as relaxing. But it's still tea, like. By the way, don't you want to smack people my age? ungrateful brats. You're holding an apple, CHEER THE HECK UP!!

Oh, apples! All the fruits! And this pretty coral drawing on the cover of my macbook, called a decal. now I can tell my computer apart from the others. 

What am I excited about? Thing? I like my backpack. Mostly I'm excited about all the things in Cope Syndrome. Like the animals. 

Also I'm learning so much about film, I love it love it. I want to make movies, too. There's a real fance camera I want that's the cost of a house. It's the cheapest of its kind :) 

you don't need a fancy anything, though, if you know what you're doing. I want a new sweater. And what, bags and candles and jewelery. the thing is that indepedent women are practical and we don't indulge in whims. So I'd like a man, please, so that he may cater to my whims on my behalf. That way I can be practical AND have lots of jewelery! weeeeee

I haven't given any sort of writing advice in a century and a half. The most important thing is simplicity; WITH APPRECIATION. Hello, this is my pen, here's what he can do. Be a child and write, learn the craft and write, forget the craft and write like a child. That's the secret to genius and happiness, simultaneous

ladies and gents, address, thank you for thoughts. 

go to for pretty things.