and then...closing

Closings and finishes and ribbons, circumvent. I have three deadlines in a day. How did this happen to a part time student who doesn't care about academics?

I lost another pencil. Its a frusterating thing. I have an analysis due in two hours that I haven't started but I need to update this first. 

There are a lot of things that I can not do without a camera. Often times I don't try, not if it makes the writing labored. But how to show my lighting and contrast? How to create the pull of weight in a word or less? How to make a sound echo without speaking it's echo?

Maybe I'm just a filmmaker, what it is. But there weren't always filmmakers. So I can make a film novel, what! Anyway. 

If you want contrast, make duality in the sentences. Double beats. And not just with "and," but typically so. 

I have to go, a have a thing do that I haven't done because I was writing. There is more artwork ready for the "Cope Syndrome" page, I just need the artist to send it over and then it should be up soon. yay, cohesive! I am excite. Alan and I would like to thank you for reading the blog :D

Also still reading The Casual Vacancy. I suppose I'll talk on it more once it's's very different from Potter, yadayada, but I don't care much about the thematic difference; I care about the structural difference quite a bit, though. And the writing is still incredible because Rowling. If you can't figure out why it's incredible, that's because it's incredible. trustmei'mawriter.