Props and Boilerplate

Doing stuff you love sure makes you do a lot of stuff you don't love. I hate buying clothes for myself on a good day. But when I need costumes, out comes my wallet and yelp app. 

Getting up early to watch Netflix? Nope. But I'll roll out of bed at 6 AM to write contracts in time for my next shoot. 

I can say I hate these things, but the truth is that I wouldn't and couldn't do them if I didn't care passionately about it. And I care passionately because I have a story to tell and will do whatever I have to to tell it right. 

Most successful people will tell you that hard work is the secret. And that's true. I also have a fair warning: when you love something, people take notice. They know you'll do anything for what you're passionate about it. So don't become a slave to your passion, and don't let anyone take advantage of your energy for their own purposes. Be willing to do stuff you don't like as long as you have a good reason. Who knows, maybe you'll come to love the things you hate.