and then...leaves

My Beta Muse is something special, asking me to spoon his self all night as if it were possible. It's okay what I've got another unique cuddle for us. And where is transition weather? Leaves keep leaving HAH. I had a beef with the sky yesterday, asking aloud why's it doing it's thing getting so dark so early in the day? I've got stuff to do, Sky. I thought the sun and you were best friends! Well I hope that you two work things out soon, I really do. It would be a shame, otherwise. 

I can't imagine living without pets. It's a terrible thing. And what a luxury they are! So why is this post categorized under inspiration?

You should ask yourself how you write, and then answer a million times. I write with my sleeves rolled up. I write standing up. I write with music on. prep-prep-prepostions. I write with blue around my ears. However you want to answer doesn't matter at all, because it means you are writing sentences. Wow, Ayah! What a splendid trick for a writer, to write sentences. You are quite the master! hee.

I have footage of my explaning my drafting process on a tactile level, like what kind of paper I use and how I store notes etc. It's not to be copied because those things are unique entire, but it does show me more official. So I will be editing that footage as soon as possible and putting it up soon.

But ain't the weather been relative pretty? I love the sound of trains a-distant. That is imagination talking. I should take walks again, like. When on a walk you can talk to whose-so-ever that you like. 

My week is grand. 2013 is liking me. Productive instense, but I did cancel a couple of assignment/appointments because I don't want to push it. Prodcutivity is best when it is sustainable, no burn outs. But anyway it was great, I been seeing friends, some old friends, having lovely times outs with peoples, writing lots and doing project and reading magainzes.