and then...wood

I saw a fox this morning in the woods! Hoo-ray

Happy New Year to all and thank God the 2012 is over. Am I right, eh? eh?

I am actually in a cabin at the woods. Slopes make steepness. 

Oh look it's holiday and here I am loyal, still doing my Tuesday update like must-ness. Last night I found a crime special on boys-molested so of course I'm watching wide eyed and note-taking, when Beta Muse has his head in my shoulder, whining-like, and I changed the channel. S'alright baby, and so ends 2012. Had one goal what I didn't meet, and it's the first deadline that I haven't met. Eat that, agency-what-rejected-me. 

Let's hope for acceptance this year, eh? My people, family, publishers. I've still got something in the queue for Writer's Digest. A story about Catholic boy who's got Pica Syndrome, or a story about Nick-the-Novelist, or both. I can't remember because my notebook with all the lists of what's where for what publication isn't in the cabin. 

My first project for this year besides the usual Cope Syndrome is to design a cover or covers for Elementia. It's a lit mag what's got a grant. I decided on a nautical theme with a living alphabet. The mag is having like a promo-event that I probably can't make, but if I can, then I want to perform a thing. I don't know what to call it, exactly, besides by it's title what I'm not revealing. It's like slam but it's not.

I need a giant box. I will write SOAP on it. That is all and love at you!