and then...verbalize

Could she bring up a serious issue here? Why can't we talk?

I can talk, sure. I practiced. I mean I have a lot of muses to manage, I talk often. But my gosh, what is wrong with writers these days? They write words so often that they can't sound them! I go to a workshop and it's like nobody knows what they are doing.

Finish your sentences. Cover one topic at a time. Writers are so bad at speaking...we get all isolated, and no practice. This is why you should talk to yourself. 

What is your story about? Oh, please. In the name of God, if it's your first draft, just say you aren't sure. Because every undeveloped answer is a plot summary or a sprawling list of themes. 

I'm nocturnal and it will be Tuesday in less than an hour. So really I have to hurry with this entry, I suppose I may edit it later. I just happened to notice that most young writers have no clue how to talk and it's maddening. If you try to talk like you write, you won't get anywhere. You'll talk in first draft. Just take it easy. Take a deep breath and speak one idea at a time. 

I have trouble distinguishing sexuality from inspiration. So I've been sexual since I was born or I'm not sexual at all. That is, sex is a manifestation of passion that can be attained independently of passion and so abused. We think ourselves so wrong, we let self worth slip. We are all stronger and more correct and innocent than we think. 

And dialogue, lately! Love how it wakes me in early hours.