and then...astronomical

I want to name a star after him, so that he will remember how much I love him every time he looks at the sky. But if he doesn't think he deserves my star, then I must dance with the void. 

I intend to name a star after him, though. and take long walks and make kisses and share dreams and secrets and all fear, speak through walls and carry his voice over the sea. And get a job. And learn to sing and dance and play my piano for my love, but the first thing to do is to finish writing a novel.

It's like a single mother leaving for work. Abandon the children or abandon the children. Feels like you're stuck, but we are never stuck.

Mickey Willard tells me that inspired art has two parent characteristics: silhouette and contrast. How we love duality. I say desire and conflict. But what's the difference? Things connect so much more than we think. If there is one other person in this world brave enough to integrate, sing your name so that I may hear you!

This world is simple--life is simple--it is people who are complicated.

Anyway, back to silhouettes and contrast. I don't know how much synesthesia affects my visions, but I can't imagine that something as instinctual as creativity is inaccessible to some people. We are sensual creatures, and we can use our senses to solve problems. Me, I'm a visual person; but there's something for me to say about the shapes that sounds make. Humans can see patterns. You Translators can, anyway, you Critics and the like; perhaps you could translate my blogposts for the general public?

tricks of the trade...okay...take the best idea you have. The best sequence for that story. The best scene from that sequence; condensecondense. If you had to express the essence of your story in a twenty second video, how would you do it? 

Our instinct is to speed things up. Get in as much as possible as quickly as possible. You ready for this?

Take the best ten seconds. Imagine it in slow motion. 

And that's how I have boys sinking in water. Boys sink and wear vapor masks like snouts.