and then...gramophone

sounds in tactility! old record stores and foaming foamy lattes and walking in a cold sun saying, Idunnowuttiwannawritetoday. 

I cleaned my office today. I play songs as little sound bytes. I throw bleach on the floor and many colored foam spraying clarical-clear chemicals. swipewipewipewipewipe lemon scented polish. 

I don't know, what not wanted to say anything too personal. It's a thing, what people wanting to maybe take advantage of me. I love writing arguments. Don't you? First time improv actors often launch into arguments. it's pretty easy conflict/impulsion (by kinetics, heh). It's often unconving, then, but when you work up to it, gee. What a great deal of fun. and ain't right now the only thing there ever is

Back to yellow-colored drafting paper. I don't want to go back to school full-time. What a load of nonsense. I like living. Cooking and cleaning and the like. Having food and being not-sick. It's a cheer. 

I watched A Clockwork Orange last night. All in it is phallic and some things never change *enter heartwarming major chord* And good job with the primary colors, Kubrick. And your lightbulbs everywhere. 

enter social statement. enter opinion presented with a sense of humor. exit. 

theimportantthingtoremember, aboutthesetimeswefindourresearchfocusedon. theysayeverygenerationisuniquebutourgeneration, ourgeneration degenerating

I am not generation. Sihluoette, negative space, I spend money on black and white photographs.