and then...couch

And it's so late! I had meetingmeetingmeetingeaterrandWASHHAIRHOORAYscreeningemails and now. 

speaks of couch, I am taking a psych class. So far there's been a lot of talk on the history of psychology and the politics of psychology and minorities in psychology and poor us women, I take offense. I expect we'll get to the actual psychology at some point. 

I've had a writer's block. I always realize it 2-3 days in and get out of it 1-2 days after that. So you can see that I don't know what to say. I hate winter. I just want to get out of this. I just need to post a thing because it's a Tuesday. 

I'm trying to write greeting cards for submission. I actually bought a hair blow dryer. God, when does this end? 

I do think that Black Warrior Review is finally going tp publish me this time, though. They've never taken this long with a submission. 

Okay I'mma drink lots of water and lots of water and write out of this block. Three rules to writing: quantity, quality, and quantity. You may quote ME on that.