and then...arctic

I'm tired of social statements. Calm down, ladies. Whether it's your body-concealed or your body-revealed, you're using your body as a statement. Ain't helping me much. 

MOVING ON TO THE BETTER, I hope my little country house isn't being robbed, as I'm away again. My "O" key on my keyboard isn't working well. I have to really punch it. O.o punch and punch

I sit across the windows in my cafe, far away from them so that I may see each person as a silhouette. It's beautiful and I'm still trying to do this save-gaze-for-the-husband thing. I sacrifice the sunny light for this. Maybe I'll move sometime. Whatwhat? Rightthearctic.

Arctic. White fluffed immense, how they live in dark cold majestic. Arctic bear, arctic fox, you put arctic in front of a word and it changes the thing. You say arctic at me and I think of whites and greys misty with pastel highlights. Eyes half closed and boysmouths open-a-little. I would take arctic photography artificial. Don't want to get cold but I would take polaroids, so. 

I have a transcript due for Mugglenet today, so I ought to get a go on that. Also I discovered that I love print ads. What lovely gloss-colored things. I'm sorry, posting so short. 

oh look at the Subeetube, gee. heart-fluttered eyes at green walls, light shafting here. mourning became morning, my morning. Adding to the list of thank-God-for