and then...flux

I have enough for ten, twenty, thirty blog posts at this point.

His eyes looked heavy looking eyes, look. everything becomes his fault, flux, "FLUX! FLUX!" I hardly and doubt it. Arms have gotten so warm, and I wonder him. What all that my Anchor Premier used to know. 

Newborns, the mess of it. It's fantastic. We have been moving, really for the first time. I am a woman without a home and I had to pull a short story out of it. Boys come from water (we know that) and water rises. My Anchor Premier has been wet for all life and then. flux, he says. 

He stands on flux one leg here the other standing and doesn't know either side. Legs strain. I have him in bed to calm, mostly. Under sushine which stretches to reach his aspect and he smiles at it. Imagine giving birth to a real child! As if brainchildren didn't busy enough! This one has bigger eyes when looking up. His nose twitches like lost animals. 

What? Anchor Premier because he is the first Anchor. Anchor meaning he has representation in the outside world. Yes, it appears that characters can do that. The hell it gives, though. makes me saying things: "it's not possible!" and my boyz crying when they hear it. 

Everything was blue...all my fears, in this tangled mess of archaic blue, archetypes screaming, resurrecting, here's an element, there's another, boy+boy+boy quintesscent? No. Sometimes the world is just that beautiful. Sometimes we really do get exactly what we want, in exactly the way we imagined. And age from the date of conception. 

You better believe the Beta is satisfied! We need a tip of the day now. here's a tip. Write in pictures. I'll put pictures in all the posts from now on PREPOSITION STOP.