as verb and as noun.

Yes, Tuesdays were the new posting days, but I couldn't post this Wednesday because someplace in my server's headquarters was flooded from this whole weather situation, and I couldn't access the blog. 

What now? November rush. Whether from December deadlines or psychological preparation for winter or NaNoWriMo, I've always got the November writing rush. So I really need to get to that. Sorry for the late post, and now for the shortness of it. There's a lot to do.

I have registration super early tomorrow and between nervousness and the petty drunk arguments of housemates, I haven't been sleeping. No idea what to register for. I suppose I will select classes that get me closer to the graduation bit, yes. 

Oh! I have a Betta Fish. Got him the proper tank for his water heater and everything. He's tropical and beautiful. I call him Fish. He's also a bit of an elitist, VERY VERY picky about his food. Won't eat the cheap stuff and there's very little between the flakes at $2 a bottle and the cubes at $8 a bottle. We'll see how he does with treats and pellets instead. But Fish is spoiled, besides. He plays with bubbles all day. 

Picked up art journaling again, with one of my housemates. So much joy in it. Have to go now, have to write and find a nap.