I'm studying copywriting like a nut. Like a nut, I tell you. 

Writing isn't writing words. Writing is turning a billion words into ten. Writing is being literate+editing. 

The sun is finally back, reducing my cortisol levels and keeping lit. 

The billion words are the first thin layer of writing. Billion words are the skin. Don't waste time making a billion words perfect. They will be perfect when there are ten of them. 

I'm reading HEY WHIPPLE, SQUEEZE THIS! as part of my training to be a great copywriter. I recommend that any creative person study advertising to some capacity. But then, I've been recommending that for a long time. 

Here is the start to finish drafting process I use for fiction:

  1. Generate a rough draft on a deadline (long hand for short fiction, typed for novels)
  2. Organize events into an outline
  3. Put imagery and sensory motifs through a series of mind maps
  4. Generate a second draft (typed for short fiction, long hand for novels)
  5. Establish stylistic rules
  6. Write third draft (for short fiction, skip this step. For novels, type up scene-by scene alongside hand written draft
  7. Sound check (read it aloud)
  8. Read backwards for line editing

Take that to the bank~