Well, it’s here. My first book. It only took twenty years and eight weeks.

My eyelids are drooping as I write this. More than anything, I feel relief and the urge to sleep. My book is out early; Amazon approved it faster than I expected, and you can get yours now!

When I wrote Paint, I wanted something fun. Something with a good man in it, and a woman’s desire. Things that I wasn’t seeing, but lusted after. I definitely got that out of the story.

I am ordering inventory, and I’m happy to say that I scored an LCCN number! So next week, I’ll be working on seeing what I can do to get this in bookstores and libraries. In any case, it’s available. It’s real. And it feels really soft (matte finish was a must).

Enjoy this toasty autumn read, my friends. I made it for you.

And if you like it, maybe leave a review ;)