and then...flood

It's so strange how people get shook up. Boy gets shook up 16 frames at a time, sped up. 

Why do people change? Why do they stay static? It's absurd. Adapt. Water fits its container and it flows but it's still water

which makes a speaking of 

water is coming. here comes the flood he wakes screaming FLOOD, FLOOD, FLOOD! and he steps to the rim and wants drop. 

Call him silent and gentle. You don't want to surprise him, he'll stumble, says Alpha. gentle, gentle, my Beta muse, come here now....

It was a dream. We have dreams. In his visions, floods happen. I tell him, but that's good. Floods give us water. You are water. Don't drown, beta muse. Every day you find a way to show me you love me. Every day you give me patience and every day you give me a chance. Every moment that I work to speak for you, you speak for me in nature, in people, and mostly in water. 

My protags wear copyrights like dogtags. Some of them are scared to go out without the dogtags. Can they swim? Oooh, let's not test that. No, really. Enough with the hazing. 

Ricky Moody wrote a story called BOYS and I like that story a lot. Aw, isn't she cute what blogs as distraction? I read Shelley's MONT BLANC and it was uncanny, flood-like. Loft, who knew? And the inventory! Drives me mad. The muses need this and that and that....take notes.

Alright, alright, the question is: what grows so high up in the mountains? What could, possibly?