and then...steam

eyelashes moistened. Steam is captivating. 

Wrote a villanelle today those thangs and I hate. Cyclical and repetition around and around. Those poems a pain. 

and then, he said, his hair was damp from all the steam. And I couldn't feel anything thang. Anythang! We play that game. We see who can say it the loudest. Knee exposure joint exposure bone exposure it's out! The secret's out! Ah, me!!

So as you can see. So it is, you can see, the writing is happening and fast and pages. I just bought new drafting paper. It delights me so, drafting paper and to say it. And my Protag, he insists on particular pencils etc. We love it so much. Like I said I'm back in school, and I haven't really studied. But see I'm writing. I'm doing my job. and my courses are laughably easy. My profs are smart enough to answer my questions but they usually avoid the trouble of it. But see I love my job. I am writing. 

First rule of writing is to write. Steam sticks. So does the idea.