and then...scruff

The scruff of the neck is the base of the hairline, the hair which grows on the neck. The term is also used to refer to the back of a shirt, blouse, or dress. In the animal kingdom, grabbing someone's scruff is a protective gesture. Among humans it's a dominating gesture. The line between the two is thin and twisting and often misunderstood. I'm not meaning to explain anything. I just like the word scruff. 

Scruff and cuff like jacket cuff. Jacket cuff makes good contact and cuff is a verb too. Cuff is also punishment. 

I have moved all the notes for my latest writing project to a suitecase. It is very heavy. My fiction fluxes; I travel in and out of the character's perspective. Now you see him, now you don't. It's choosing whether or not to hear both sides of a phone conversation. And it touches every word. There's nothing to blog because nothing is happening that I can say. I starve and I write and that's this. 

Someone grabbed him by the scruff.