To understand things that are outside of the senses by means of the senses, Ayah Abdul-Rauf makes abstract ideas concrete in metaphorical storytelling. Accessible metaphors and metafictive devices are especially important to her work in this respect. Stories, for Ayah, are investigations of consciousness, presenting characters as the wounds in ourselves who are seeking compassion, interest, attention and resolution. She strengthens their voices by acknowledging them (and herself) as created beings.

The solidarity present between Ayah and her own characters takes root in the awareness of being created by a singular divine presence. It stands to reason, then, that characters are aware of being fictional and created, and they are aware of you being real and created. At times they are even aware of the medium of their own story.

This belief about characters puts Ayah in the unique position of bringing the unreal into the real by sharing journals, films, novels and other artifacts of their experience. These stories are for and about sensitive and intuitive people who want healing, who are curious about the unknown, who tremble like prey animals from the intensity of being created. Ayah wants to invite you into this same awareness, so that you can connect with the mysteries of your own imagination.

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